John Cena On His Split From Nikki Bella: ‘I Had My Heart Broken Out Of Nowhere’ | TODAY

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb welcome special guest co-host John Cena, who speaks frankly about his split with his fiancée, Nikki Bella. “I had my heart broken out of nowhere,” he says. “I still love Nicole.” But he adds that he’s grateful for his six years by her side.
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John Cena On His Split From Nikki Bella: ‘I Had My Heart Broken Out Of Nowhere’ | TODAY
  • Abdullah Halili

    0:06 moment when the woman in the left of john cena looks him lovely and then cena looks angry.Hahaha that woman seems to love cena way to much😂😂😂😂😂

  • D. Lynn

    how does someone who doesn't want kids (for whatever reason) always hosting kids shows & attracting a fan base primarily of kids? for the fame/money?

  • sabrina-xxx

    Did he phone in?? Where is he?

  • Jhonki Gonzalez

    She is a Gold Digger!

  • john duran

    What happened to the DR. of Thuganomics

  • Becky Devoted2Christ

    Where's my tissue?😭😭😭, such a beautiful speech😭😭

  • Kataleya Alithea

    Those ladies are melting

  • Mushka Bushka

    she was willing to sacrifice her future for him, and I believe the love was real on both ends, and I really feel for him watching this- but I am proud of her for finding her self worth from within.

  • BlackFalconZ850E77

    The pain and agony!!!! I feel it deeply!!!💯💯💯

  • Jasmine Pina

    give her kids !!! or let her move on 😢 maybe her leaving is what they both need for now.

  • john the viber

    Cena talks different now compared to 2003.

  • christine M

    Awwww hope they get back and be happy

  • The world Serhan88

    John cena is a real man

  • maspenpa

    I'm so sick of seeing Hoda's Spanx!!!

  • leisala T

    I hope it works out.❤❤

  • Jaileen Avila

    Is it weird that his haircut makes me feel 10x more bad for him on top of him being heartbroken

  • zz 45

    What are u doing in that shithole show

  • sabrina-xxx

    Did he phone in?? Where is he?

  • Luana Waru

    Who were you intervening I can't see no oneComment if you get it

  • Miya Lit

    I feel like he should be telling this to Nikki and really show he means it 😊actions are louder than words If he loves her and trust in their relationship than wether they have kids or not shouldn’t effect that children are a creation of your love 💕

  • Mike M

    He's gonna be a great dad!! Bookmark my comment!! He is like me ugh ugh ugh!! Kids ugh!! But... watch you'll see!! June 2018 marks my words

  • Cutebigeyez

    Whether this is staged or not, this had made me feel emotional!

  • Julie Edinger

    Love this guy!!! but he contradicted himself....... period!!!!!

  • Julie Edinger

    Wait!! just watched his 10 rules.......he didn’t want pets an kids period!!!!!

  • Regular Ass YouTube

    why do they have an extra glass of wine in the middle?

  • Joni Salyers

    they live weird lives that us normal people can't understand

  • Skank Tank 986

    Who are those ladies talking to?

  • Dark Spark

    well life is cruel sometimes for even loved ones don't share the same picture of their future together sorry for my bad english

  • Toxic Society 575

    Personally I love cena he was always my favorite. I knew that lady was bad neas

  • Major210

    The steroids hes taken makes his body and huge head looks disabled on the table..

  • Palette Obsessed

    I really hope they can work it out

  • Mr Hernandez

    This WWE Man is one of the Fewest sincerest man in the world including myself. You can tell he really expresses his emotions without caring what people say. Good Luck Man.

  • Sandi Wynn

    When he said I don't want anybody else... Kinda make me think he does I don't know why?

  • ClassicPhysique

    It’s cause he doesn’t want kids and Nikki does , maybe she’s trying to find someone who is....

  • Foxy Girl

    WWE relationships never workout 😅

  • Morris Gray

    Nice view up Codas skirt.

  • Britany Stewart

    He is trying so hard not to cry!

  • Hydroponic City

    I just wished it was John Cena father who didn't want kids.

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