Hear neighbor explain why she called 911 on black Airbnb guests

Guests who were staying at an Airbnb in Rialto, California, react to the reason a woman called 911 on them.
  • Ken Bugbee

    All this public encouragement for "see something say something" , now it's racist when it happens.

  • irisheric222

    these little events that have nothing to do with race are getting old. you're being mislead.

  • fcukugimmeausername

    Maybe stop stealing everything?

  • gsr4079

    white people are just so damned fragile. must suck going through life scared of everything and anything.

  • john oktavec

    i woulda done the same fuckin thing.stay vigilant people,don't get soft.she didn't recognize them.you do look strange,you're not from that neighborhood.waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  • M. L.

    Most of you commenting ARE racist regardless of our colors.

  • Jase Strictland

    Oh to hell with their accusations. In my neighborhood, we mistook roofers doing repairs on one of our neighbor's homes during a work day. Turns out they were being burgled by access through an upstairs bedroom window. After that, the stay at home retirees make it a point to call all neighbors or the police if we see anyone "strange" looking in our neighborhood. They could be brown, black, white, yellow or blue. We all agreed to call each other or 911 and it's been the best policy we've ever made.

  • Tahjay Atkinson

    As a yardie a proper suck your mother would be adequate

  • Betty Fellows

    This is America! Apartheid on steroids, Nazi Germany, Racism at it’s best. “Making America Great Again” aka, police are to challenge,harass and intimidate anyone of Color who are Walking, Driving, Shopping, Picnic in the park. Or, Leaving a AIRBNB as paid guests, Women golfing too slow, meeting a friend at Starbucks👮🏻‍♀️👮🏻‍♀️👮🏻‍♂️🚷🚳📵🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸THIS IS AMERICA, LAND OF THE FREE HOME OF THE BRAVE. “We the People of the United States, In Order to form a more Perfect Union, establish Justice “Only for certain people, while weMake America Great again! Let’s Go back to the way it use to be!

  • P.B. Theriver

    If the caller had to give a description of the people she was calling about didn't she? She said they were black. Was she supposed to lie to 911 and say they were green?Edit: Black people. Don't take things so personal because it makes you look racist. The lady said "strange people" not black people. Lying racists are the worst kind and they do not prosper.

  • Governyourownment Tv

    Bob Marley grand daughter

  • Danny Mofer

    If there were strangers coming out of my house with a bunch of stuff, my neighbors have permission to call the cops

  • Pauline Gregory

    Fucking disgusting. This cunt is a racist skank. She should be done for wasting police time the bitch. This is racism 101 and the police should be done for corruption.

  • lakechaney

    Stop the BS. Blacks know damn well that there is a large representation of blacks who commit most of the crime. They are stereotyped because most of the members of their race act in a stereotypical way. Simple!. Notice they won't do this same story in a black neighborhood in the south side of CHICAGO who get beat for pumping gas in a black ghetto. Blacks always play the victim.

  • 4309chris

    love the first loaded sentence. seems like everyday there is another police officer falsley accused and the body cam proves it. the pastor lied, the lady that recorded a 12 minute facebook live video lied, the other woman and talcum x lied about being raped. so what stories of unjust police work have come out everyday? Starbucks? where 2 people were technically trespassing and ex post facto Starbucks has changed policy? even that can be debated if those men acted appropriately, despite Starbucks being so willing to bow down to the pitchfork mob.

  • Ian Wilson

    There’s only two genders.

  • ichibanski8

    Good way to rob houses thou: put everything in luggage so it looks like you are an airbnb customer...just don't be black of course

  • legal eagle

    Great job Jasmine on defense

  • ektnaim

    This is so stupid. Now every burglar can just say they’re airbnb renters if they get caught by the neighborhood watch group.

  • Mesince73

    Even CNN hires people that flunked English class. Using WAIVE instead of WAVE. This country will be owned by China in the near future

  • Joe C

    If your house was being broken into you'd thank your neighbor for calling the police. If there's no issue then there's no issue. Are people not allowed to look out for their neighbors?

  • birdie

    There are strange people in the neighborhood & being stand-offish , she has every right to have police investigate why those people are in the neighborhood and moving through a home that isn’t theirs. There is so much crime these days and Airbnb is a strange thing and not everyone is familiar or comfortable seeing strangers in their neighborhood.

  • Love Bug

    Old people are nosey AF because not only old white women do this but old black women do it too...they are from the "Boom" days and are still expecting people these days to speak when spoken to if you don't then you're out of the norm. Believe me my mother is black and she makes suspects out of everything and everyone...even me😂😂

  • Cliff Brunisholz

    Fukg cry babies. Everyone wants to be on tv bitching. Ruining the country.

  • Valerie Martinez

    okay this is something white people do I lived in Hawthorne new joursey along time ago and I would walk to work I was young like 16 and once this suspicious Hispanic guy well I wouldn't say suspicious just a horny guy or just a guy finding me attractive road close to where I was walking and tried to get my number I didn't think anything of it just ignored him cus I know how my people are but this white lady came out of no where and asked me if I was okay that she had seen this guy pulling up to me and I'm not sure if he passed by twice cus he was just a little persistent in getting to know me and so I don't know how this lady saw but I thank her for it what if that guy would of pulled me and her in his car and God knows I'm saying the truth , I also worked for some white people when I was about 24 and they owned a country club lounge bar and at night the lady would have us walk out with a security guard just for safety purposes I never worked with white people before but that was really nice of her to do that , I will mention that one of the person's around at the job was white and out of no where this dark young handsome guy walked in and asked for employment I think he was a little shy don't member but the out of no where this guy said one or 2 black guys are okay but more than three together they start acting crazy , I have my own opinions I feel like there are a lot of mean black and Hispanic people from what I have experienced I have also been rude or mean aswell I ain't perfect but I've learned to respect and be better but I do understand why some people are scared of black people I once went shopping to a rainbow store in Patterson NJ and this black girl behind me just pushed me and her and her little friend just started laughing but I've also met nice lovely people I guess even if we live in a diverse society just like in prison every one is kinda better off with there own people cus they understand each other better and they should also try to understand other people that are not like them and always give respect but always be cautious now in days you can't trust nobody sometimes not even the fake news or your own people I feel like people need to love learn to see things in other people's view of point and some more educated people need to know that maybe tjat person that does not have good manners or acts different probably didn't have a mom or someone to teach them any better and it's hard to do that especially when it's an older person but be compassionate and try to walk in someone's shoes before you judge and if a people of a certain race has offended you many times don't hate them all because God don't like ugly just respect every but like I said always be aware even of white black whatever there are bad people out there and so just try to be safe and I just really hope everyone could just all of us get closer to God and love each other and respect each other and just choose to be the better person

  • All Asians

    Rialto police are stupid....they responded also on a call when some of my black and asian friends are at my home and have to put all the documents that the house belong to us and still they illegally search the cars of my friends...Rialto police fucked up big time!


    No one has to wave at you bitch no one has to even acknowledge your existence. Once while visiting California I was helping my aunt move from watts to Palmdale as I was unloading the truck her white next door neighbor smiled and said hello and welcome I looked at her and said nothing in return simply because I’m not friendly with my natural enemy, but I say that to say this I was rude and that old lady STILL didn’t see fit to call the police regardless of my demeanor, my tattoo’s (face too), gold in my mouth, and most importantly my race these people were simply leaving and did nothing to her I probably made that lady feel really uncomfortable but no police were called the caller should be terrorized so she can actually have a reason to be scared of something

  • A Message From The King

    Its this simple. When you phrases like people of color, african american or minority. You assign a label to them. When none of those phrases fit to blacks in any way.

  • Jake Nothanks

    What the Fuck is wrong with you people the neighbor saw strangers in the neighbor's home when they're not there so they called the cops I would hope my neighbors would do the same

  • Christen Trammell

    Give me a break. This is bogus. The women would have called if they were white too. People are addicted to victimhood. She probably didn't call her neighbor because she didn't have their phone number. I live on a corner and have 5 neighbors. I only have the phone numbers to 2 of them. I'd do the same thing no matter what color they are. So stupid. People are ridiculous. To blame the neighbor for calling is really disingenuous especially after you hear the phone call.

  • Blakboi

    " I thought they were strange because they had luggage on them" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmfT5shz0_E

  • Stu Wylam

    I kept on looking for an egregious act that I hadn't heard about in this story. I don't like saying it on a public forum but I would have called the police and told them the situation too. I would have done that if the four were white, or any other race as well. The last thing that would pop into my mind is some one is renting a bnb in middle class residential tract in Rialto. This situation is sufficiently suspicious. I don't see any harm that was done. The home owner should have let a neighbor know he was renting out his house for a few days. Several times I've been questioned by police with my hands behind my back sitting on the ground while they run an id check on me. I'm white and due to my size they wanted to be safe if troublesome info popped up. I've had people confront me in their neighborhood threatening to call the cops or lying to the cops to get an officer responding. I did what these people in this story did- remained calm and de- escalate the situation. I've heard of neighborhoods where if your white and unknown you'll be confronted by people in the neighborhood and if your going their for decent reasons theirs no problem. I suspect these watchful neighborhoods are struggling to stay safe in a city with encroaching crime. I'm saddened by the heinous acts I've watched on you tube about police brutally and would be willing to march in a black lives matter event. This one wasn't an egregious event. The media making news on a slow day and the highly skilled attorney is heightening the drama to pressure/ embarrass the city for as big of settlement as possible. One skilled attorney.

  • The Guitologist

    You people are idiots. She's an older lady by the sound of it and she doesn't know what AirBNB is! She sees people in her neighborhood she doesn't fucking know, the house hasn't been sold, they're carrying shit out of the house...wtf would YOU think? I'd call the cops too! Jesus Christ, you idiot, self-absorbed, victimhood-seeking imbeciles, this isn't racism.

  • Rushel Burt

    was wondering y this lady sound Jamaican but its Bob Marley granddaughter. love

  • lakechaney

    You can be suspicious. Look at the FBI data on blacks committing violent crimes.

  • David Phipps

    Maybe you would suspect that someone was ripping off your neighbor if people were walking in and out of their house with bags while the owners of the home weren't around. Were they arrested? Were they abused? No, they were questioned and let go. THE TRAVESTY!!!! CNN are race baiters. PS.They will be suing. Bet on it!

  • Deacon Frost

    i hope that old cunt gets cancer the slow and painful kind

  • T S

    The home owner had the nerve to defended her neighbor

  • Not Today

    I respect that Attorney! Racist whites makes me vomit!!!!

  • irisheric222

    what if the caller was a black woman. same circumstances, sees strangers coming from her neighbors house. people she's never seen, calls the cops so they can investigate instead of intervening herself. honestly approaching anyone these days can be sketchy. there's too many people who just don't give a fuck and will beat the shit out of a little old lady. that's why the cops are called. their job is to respond and question.

  • darkknightskiy

    Air bnbs screw neighborhoods and cause break ins/car break ins. It’s completely normal to call the cops on strange activity at a neighbors.

  • Anthony Major

    Blacks have to work extra hard and watch their backs to live a successful life!

  • Logan James

    Black people wave They've got a gun they've Got a Gun

  • truth hurts

    Sheeps need to learn to stay away from lions.

  • Maxine Gordon

    Apparently this Neighbor wasn't aware the house is AIR BNB, I guess her Neighbor is white so the black ppl aren't relatives & Maybe her 1st Black renters, There was a white female in the group but she didn't look strange or suspicious. They were minding their business, Just focused on packing up to head out for their show, Is she a "desperate Housewife" in need of attention. In BROAD DAYLIGHT they were supposedly robbing Her Neighbor; NOT SMALL ITEMS & NOT TRYING TO LEAVE IN A HURRY!? C'MON! GOD HELP US ALL!

  • Mike Hunt

    I just want to say I hate these pink mutations who prefer the pet name - white.

  • Stefon D. King

    Victimitis is going around this time of year. She thought y’all looked strange because of the non-eye contact, body language, and she didn’t recognize y’all. I hope my neighbors keep an eye out for my house like that. And the neighbors weren’t called first, because they don’t have lights and sirens. Neighbors can’t arrest if there actually is a burglary in progress. They can’t do anything over the phone. That lady made the right decision in calling the police. It’s not her job to determine if there is a crime or not. Yes there are some racial biases in the general public and in LE, but these officers were called by a concerned citizen. They arrived on scene to do their job. They didn’t roll up looking for trouble. No one was cuffed, put in the back of a patrol car, tased , shot , sprayed, and everyone left the scene alive. Sounds like a bunch of freaking cry babies who got their pants in a bunch because they think they are special and don’t have to answer to anyone. You are a normal human just like everyone else. Cops did their job respectfully, bwc shows the footage. Nothing to see here. We will never be able to move on as a society of the media keeps pandering this victim mentality to my community. Shit like takes the impact of actually police misconduct down a few notches.

  • ricarena

    And that is the best country in the world?

  • David Phipps

    Police never get called on white people for a silly reason! Never! Ok, sometimes.

  • C4th Kerrinose

    Maybe the neighbor is just acting on what any good person in a neighborhood would. The police comments seem racial not the lady. They don't have the right to wave to no one. Let them say what the he'll they saying. If they knew the family next to them in Jamaica to be white or Chinese living there for 20 yrs and all of a sudden the see 2 black guys they they never seen over there before coming out the house it will raise some suspension..

  • De'Asia Parchment

    Smh this is ridiculous, if you knew the owners why not call the owners of the house? Why call the police first? Why must someone wave at you or pay you any attention ?

  • lakechaney

    The funny thing is that this white lawyer representing them would call the police on these blacks in her rich neighborhood. Stop the BS

  • irisheric222

    fake news race baiting Bullshit this shouldn't be news. if it was a group of white people she probably would have still called.

  • Jacob Lucas

    black people need to stop looking like criminals

  • Tiphanie Bradford

    Rialto is a ghetto suburb of Losangeles...the nerve!

  • Jame Brooke

    I'm white , had car load of blacks pull in my driveway. My neighbors alerted me , I was in my back yard. So I ran to my driveway , yep car load , and they brought BEERS!!!GOD BLESS MY BROTHERS!!! BUT small rural town and all white, but we shared the beers with my neighbors anyway. Had great cook out/BBQ!!!!

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