Hear neighbor explain why she called 911 on black Airbnb guests

Guests who were staying at an Airbnb in Rialto, California, react to the reason a woman called 911 on them.
  • Rae Azanna

    What makes this even more sad is that incidences like this aren’t new. Moreover, in the early 2000s when incidences like this occurred, the innocent POC being accused was never lucky in escaping the false accusations against them. Thank god for the modern technology today that allows us the ability to catch false witnesses and report them. (Generally speaking)

  • froglick28

    She could not get the cops so she going after caller next 911 dispatcher of 911

  • froglick28

    Lady never said anything about race

  • Dugg Lyfe Entertainment

    White ppl ya'll lucky the hatred you guys have in your hearts for other races aren't matched with us. WE have never had that hate unless provoked. You guys have it for no reason, if that was the case your families would be in a lot of trouble and your kids would feel the wrath. I'm only talking to racist people. It sucks that the good white ppl gotta hear this shit everyday that aren't even racist too. This stuff will not stop until I'm like 70 (I'm 25 now) and that whole racist generation is dead.... All we can do is bring awareness but nothing will change until then tbh.

  • The Truth

    The whole thing is absurd if you are investigating a crime, then prove it, they did not have probable cause to begin with, if you pursue this I'm filing a sue for unlawful detainment. They would have jumped back in the car I got some donuts I bet lol

  • Michelle Richhart

    more hate fueled media. When will we come together and fight government?

  • ChaseTerrier

    You have no idea on how hard it is being a scared white person. Everything scares us. Different races scares us. Different languages that we don't speak scares us. People with handicaps scare us. People with more money than us scares us. People with less money than us scares us. Trees scares us. Things that do not exist scares us. The fact that us scared white people leave the house makes us brave since everything scares us.

  • Eyuael Asefa

    Thats called jealously. "They didn't wave " lol.

  • Caribbean Bullocks

    Bro, that white attorney was pissing me off.....

  • dj1200

    So they're saying that if the roles was reversed, and a neighbor noticed strangers coming in-out of their home, they wouldn't want the neighbor to call the cops? I'd hope my neighbor called the cops if they noticed strangers in my home, no matter the race. Everything can't be racist, That person should've notify their neighbor that they're renting out the house, but the cops investigating a call is in no way racist.

  • HeavenlyDemon

    She sounds like an old lady who would call the cops on anyone for who knows what . But hey, it's media and youtube so let's make this shit about "blacks are bullied , buhooo Q.Q " I would call the cops anytime just as her is something would seem strange to me , end of story . Wipe you black life matter tears off and move on with your day . FAKE NEWS cnn .

  • Forever Men

    I wouldn't have waited around for police. I would have left.

  • Janell Crews

    This is CNN they don't have 911 recording they are proven liers. I don't believe this story. CNN love to racebate.

  • pkap617

    Why does CNN only have the black people involved in this, weren’t there three other people not black involved.

  • Tabita Phiri-de la Court

    Long but read to the end.My brothers and sisters. This battle of white on black will never end by man no matter what may! I see few reasons here: 1. White people sailed from Europe into Africa, where they found Paradise on earth. Beautiful strong people with their Kingdoms. 2. They had animals both wild and domestic. 3, All kinds of natural resources gold was just everywhere for children to play with. Beautiful weather etc. They became jealousy, ,wanted to have the land and all its riches, but first subjugate its peoples. Master of intrigue, came up with the plan of making people believe this stranger was superior than them. He used force on them, destroying families, killing its animals in huge numbers that the whole land was stinking from rotten elephants rhinos and other animals. African peoples were scared of these strange looking people without respect for anything.3. Transporting men women children into slavery without care. Africans were animals. They treated them exactly the same way as African animals. Ferried out of Africa into Americas European zoos and farms. For slave labour, building that great nation Called America with their blood for 400 years!! Long long time indeed.This went on and still goes on until today. Whites are scared of African American peoples. Damage has been done to people of African soil, but remain strong, they fear retaliation. They cannot believe a black child can go to the same University as them! This hurts them so much because they realise black people are just as humans and clever as them, if not more cleverer. From slave to the President of America. What does that tell them? They are very scared, that is the reason they are keeping the position of superiority. My brothers, no matter how painful the experience, never treat them badly. The burden of guilty is too heavy to carry. Keep strong and pray. Never you forget!!! You are the real HEBREWS our God is the only one to free us from the bondage. Remain cool in prayer. Harsh words mean nothing, only deform your face before your God The Father. What you are facing in America, we are also facing here in Africa. Maybe not so great as they are now in minority. But robbing Africa continues.

  • TeamBox Cutta

    well i dont think this one is as bad as the others... because she said at the end of the tape that she knew the people who were supposed to live in that house... and i can kinda understand that.. if my neighbor who knows me sees someone else leaving my house i'd want them to ask questions... but not call the police immediately

  • Robert Craighead

    Why does their skin tone matter? Stop being a raciest shit CNN.

  • d3v! d3v

    That lawyer means business!

  • TeamAllGamers 6969

    Whites are ready for their race wars. Good Americans outnumber the bad, I'd simply like thinking.

  • Bassult Doom

    Racism still not dead their just waiting for blacks to be targeted......facepalm

  • A Walk In The Mind of M. T. Wood

    You cannot call the police on black people in America! You must wait 24 hours after things are actually stolen or there is at least two bodies. God, everyone knows this by now! SMH!

  • Lady Jones

    the police need to start using common sense like seriously. Someone napping and you decide to show up really????

  • timberlan

    Dont you love how cnn fake news makes something out of nothing it has to be racism it couldint be that a neighbor was just looking out for her community didint recognize the people leaving the house with bags of stuff,she also said she didint see the people that lived there so it has to be racism come on people I have to say fake news bullshit like this are making people racist

  • Chann223

    White privilege allows you to assume that anyone who doesn't look like you, act like you, speak like you is of lower stature than you and thus a likely candidate to be a criminal, or at least apart of the undesirable groups in society. You have no right to be in our circles, our neighborhoods, our venues if you are not like us.

  • Home Sweet

    white ho should be arrested for false police report

  • Forever Men

    I wouldn't be apologizing to no one.

  • Mike Pereiira

    They've already proven these people are race baiters ... Just a bunch of idiot looking to cause problems with their community

  • brian johnson

    being racially profiled is an opportunity to get rich quickly!  If i'm ever racially profiled, a law suite will be filed instantly against the perpetrator

  • American Pride

    Black people feeling sorry for themselves again🙄

  • ayan Nuur

    America is a hot mess on literally EVERY level.

  • J

    what an unbiased panel of people who have no facts;

  • Joe Sydow

    i live 10 mins from the usa detroit border for 0ver 40 years never been to the usa and never will go to vile evil racist violent degenerate country

  • star

    white people have been extra since trump was elected

  • Locs Of Love

    This is Bob Marley's daughter, Sharon Marley. Just in case you didn't know...

  • Abraham Horowitz

    Sounds like a setup. Jewish affiliations actually go looking for black people that are isolated. And then they call the cops and create a situation. This is done to keep the racial divide in this country. Then they operate more freely. This programs whites to think that many blacks want and will harm them. And it programs blacks to think that whites are terrified of them. And by creating this stigma you do get those results.I know my family has been associated with many Jewish organizations. And they all have sinister agendas. That is why I converted to Christianity.

  • Arr Jee

    I believe many of these occurrences can be easily diffused by the police. When this woman called why did they not confront her and ask what does she see wrong about what is going on? The place is an Airbnb, why not contact the owner to see if there is a problem?? Someone makes an accusation and suddenly nothing and no one is questioned except the accused. It’s like this shit is being perpetuated, to create a rift between people of different races. Everything was calm in this incident until the Sargent showed up. Why? Who is he and why does he take a totally accusatory stance against the subjects? On a regular basis we see video after video of people in entertainment, be it music, sports, or movie and TV, being suspected of being under mind control to progress the agenda of the so called elite, manipulating people to bring about their way of how the world should be. Has anyone ever considered that people in law enforcement and everyday citizens, as well, can be possibly used towards the same end? While we continually focus on the lack of racial harmony, rights are being taken away, laws are being changed to better enslave us. Remember Noam Chomsky’s book, “The Manufacturing of Consent”? Over the last few years we saw this increase of mass shootings, shootings in schools, even some false flag incidents of mass shootings. Now a few years ago I heard Gary Null say that most of these shooters have a history of being on Psychotropic drugs. They were under psychological care, which to me suggest they are good candidates for mind control. We know the Gov’t wants to take guns out of the people’s hands and there was resistance to that idea. So what happens? We have a few mass shootings and the people start saying, we need to get rid of guns from the people’s household. That is a perfect example of, THE MANUFACTURING OF CONSENT! A black man was ordered to lay on the ground with his hands up. He complies and then an officer shoots him. He asks, “Why did you shoot me”? The cop says, “I don’t know ...” Now imagine this ... An officer planted in the force gets a call on the phone one morning. Some kind of code or statement is given to him. He goes about his day seeming very normal but then he shoots a man complying to his command. When asked why, he doesn’t even know why, it’s a mystery to him as well. Do you think that is preposterous? Can’t happen? In hindsight we now see how so many historical events were orchestrated and manipulated. Much more than we could ever imagine!! It has been reported that George H.W. Bush, once said, “If the American people knew what we were doing, they would hunt us down and lynch us”! We are not understanding the length of their reach nor the power they possess, because of their secrecy. You might not agree and some will even say it is wrong to do this, but I believe we need a new way to approach these increasing occurrence of whites calling police on people just for being black. Stop responding to it! Acknowledge that it happened but then move on from it. Don’t let it cause you to hate your fellow man because of their color. Try to see a bigger picture, and for goodness sakes please stop crying about it and demanding an apology! PLEASE STOP!! They could not give a DAMN about giving you an apology, nor would it make anything better. When these race baiters respond on YouTube with some absolutely preposterous statement? DO ... NOT ... GIVE ... THEM ... THE .... ATTENTION ... BY RESPONDING!!! You know they’re full of shit! The best thing that could be done is IGNORE THEM!!!! They get delight from shaking us up, disturbing our peace ... IGNORE THEM!! Their words are just a fart in the wind ... Don’t let these occurrences divide us, let it bind us together and be strong. If someone video tapes an unlawful act by the police and then he is harassed because of it, support him, ( morally and financially), stand behind him. We wouldn’t even know of it if it wasn’t for his action. Don’t get me wrong. Much of what I see happening now gets me really hot, angry!! I wanna break something!! We just need a new and unified approach. Because we have a common enemy.

  • willieboy3011 Jonas

    CNN never covers BLACK RACISM. Fake news network at it again. Will the last person watching CNN turn off the TV?

  • Monica Perry

    People are just crazy. Most black people are taught to mind there business. FYI you are not on our top ten list.

  • Caribbean Bullocks

    Bob Marley's granddaughter irea.....

  • m718o

    Black ppl need also to fix their own communities as well .. work hard to make ithrm save places for yourselves. Please.

  • froglick28

    These people are looking to be a victim at any cost

  • Dj Dj2

    Why do black people over react, chill, let whoever wants to do whateva they want to do, I am white African from Algeria, proper African White African not south and racist exception of few, but chill in Algeria there is no racist thoughts, it dose not work may be in very few I mean few places, very bloody few, Black is white, white is black, WHY???, Islam teaches us that, chill we are all the same, we live and shit the same way, we will die the same way, be good, be 😎 cool

  • Angeliaque Simpson

    White people are like fucn devils....are we gonna do something about this or what??

  • Dyan Lizotte

    fk man white ppl problems eh

  • Nikolaiwww

    Sounds like the police was more racist than that woma. The sarge sound like the worst one.

  • B Moe

    Aww. L👀k at the immigrants? They are getting a crash course in, Jim Crowe Esquire.

  • libra8a

    Attorney is a cunt. She brings up the Zimmerman case and talks about these folks are lucky to be alive. Give me a break.

  • bt3000

    Black people get your own sh## clean up your own neighborhoods stop dealing with these type of people.If not people will never take you serious.

  • Lorna Nunez

    l just just want to say. there are some very good descent white people in this world. the ones that are born in America. don't. shit, shit don't stink good luck finding 3 out of 10 good ones.

  • Forever Men

    "F" the police

  • Truth seeker

    All this seems about... whiteAudience: Ahh come on!Me: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I had to.

  • Marlon Johnson

    My God hardened the heart of the pharaoh in Moses time he has hardened heart of the leader of this nation and the people that share the same hatred

  • Forever Men

    The reporter is an ass!!!!

  • Dominique McQueen

    I never knew who Jasmine Rand was...but I love her!

  • oliveoilrules2017

    im not steping up for crap i wasnt there and im not gettin in the mittle of this mess.

  • novarama

    The woman who called police must not have "known" her neighbors well. Apparently she didn't know they had an Airbnb. Funny she never reacted to tenants coming and going before...

  • Feao Kautai

    The neighborhood is nonsense!! Unreasonable!! Police need the education to do their jobs sincerely. Their corruptions need research in depth...to know their ignorance...

  • Neb Uluos

    So if you don't wave at strangers your suspicious now? Also..sounds like she didn't bother to wave at them so why should she expect them to interact with her?..she had no cause for dealings with them and vice versa..the seargant was doing bad police work. You've Run their IDs, their story checks out..the call was made from someone with no info,complaint, connections to the property, interactions or involvement with the subjects...it's time to go back to Dunkin donuts or patrol until something is actually reported stolen.. by it's owner.

  • Isaul Castillo

    @cnn uncle Tom sorry.#notsorrry

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