Hear neighbor explain why she called 911 on black Airbnb guests

Guests who were staying at an Airbnb in Rialto, California, react to the reason a woman called 911 on them.
  • Quarz_dk

    America abolished slavery under Lincoln, there has been racism ever since... Oh well

  • pavy415

    Police can lie all the time it isn't a crime for them to do it that they are racist tho.

  • nothing human

    Cos the US is fucked 🖕 and that excuse was the biggest fucking bullshit I've ever heard

  • A. Short

    The way to stop this madness is to impose hefty large ass fines to those who abuse and waste police resources!!! How do we get a bill like this passed by voters!!?? This is a way to get the police department more money into their district but at the same time, hold those liars accountable. At the same time, I feel bad for bi-racial kids who have to experience both sides of the spectrum from both races. That has got to be so uncomfortable.

  • rudolph bishop

    News guy don't even know he's black

  • KingParisBuckingham

    whites hate blacks vut what would whites he without blacks ( smalldick white guys need blacks to fuck their wives while they film and jerk off....lmao

  • Jay Rizz

    Just keep bringing incidents like this into the light, believe me, these racists are being isolated and it's ruining their public lives so trust me they are being held accountable one way or another.

  • Brian Pruitt

    Love how y'all see every white person is the same just like every black person is not the same

  • LovingAtlanta

    😡People need to be arrested and held accountable for wasting tax payer dollars on these “copycat” police calls. When they start getting arrested for raising false alarms these stupid police calls will stop!! This is outrageous!! 😡

  • Bethley Cooper

    I heard one of the lady asked why police stand beside a lady and take a stand with a lady they know so little about. all them have white skin. Police guns toting thugs .thank god you all live to talk about it

  • jacobThompson909

    What evidence says it was because they were black?

  • DeAngelo Jackson

    I’m an asshole neighbor, I don’t speak to anybody 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • shahizam muhammad

    the most evil race in the world.white christian kill thousand of black people.fuck the white christian

  • nafis sadiq

    Burn the white people like they burned black before 200 years. Oh shit no my girlfriend is white.

  • Jack Mechak

    Whenever I go to the hood to get drugs they call the cops on me

  • Ibrahim Aden

    This lawyer is gangster may god bless her forever

  • AytinTheNotSoGreat

    I’m legit CRYING. why are people like this

  • daniel david

    People now adays are dumb and stupid so why they go to school for not learning anything???????😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • The Bulletin Manager

    Just keep exposing them..!

  • Aisha Andujar

    It’s unbelievable that in this day and age we still have these type of problems. There are no adjectives to describe what’s going on and the people involved in these redundant behaviors. Why are we going to backwards instead of foreword. This nation has so much potential. It’s drowning in its own potential. Can you imagine the good that could be done if people weren’t so in the dark and closed minded. Unbelievable.

  • DeAngelo Jackson

    This is what’s going to help stop that shit. They got a lawyer and going to teach her ass a lesson

  • Indiestripper

    I mean if it's an airbnb so you would think "strange" people would be coming in and out a lot with suitcases, unless in this case "strange" is synonymous with black and those were just the first black airbnb guests.

  • Alex Altamirano

    06:11 exactly! Same thing happened to me a few months back but in reverse, I was out in vacation, cousins were staying in my house for a day or two while traveling across country, neighbor sees strange people coming in and out of the house, then the Neighbor calls me to check if I was aware, because that's what sane normal people do, that white lady had no excuses to call the police without checking with her neighbor first!

  • MKEsk8

    more scrotum licking police running around with guns. When these punks are done with the blacks....who do you think they will turn their attention to?

  • Russell Johnson

    White people are never going toBe treated with respect these dudes are out here ruining it for the good white people out here. I’m black n I think yaw need to speak on these events

  • D. A.

    This systematic racism is nothing new we just have the technology to record it and put it online.

  • Nicole Horton

    As a black woman, I will only stay in a known hotel, not a "Bed & Breakfast place" or an airnub. It seems that once the owners see you, they can change their minds... Also this is very petty

  • KingParisBuckingham

    " 911. i seen a white lady driving a uhaul and she stopped infront my house then drove off.i think she is casing the area looking to steal packages off my porch, since 99% og package thefts are whites..please send a patrol to question her....

  • Jeffrey Mckenzie


  • Night Porter

    I like how the guy in the bottom right corner is wearing a Vault 76 Jumpsuit.

  • Doby Carter

    Are we not still the United States of China

  • Road Hawk

    Black privilege is crowding out a convenience store causing multiple problems with other patrons trying to enter or leave, walking in front of moving vehicles, letting unattended kids run wild in the parking lot, then when cops get called its the"we didn do nuffins" all over again and wanting the caller to be punished until video surveillance captures the disturbance from the crowd then the media portrays them as victims.. happens often.

  • Mugsy mcBuggs

    “Strange” in that context means that you were ppl that they didn’t recognize. When I’m on vacation I hope someone calls the police if “strange ppl” are walking in and out of my house, regardless of their color. The lady said “why didn’t she call the home owner instead of police”. I know my neighbors but don’t know their phone numbers. This is a money grab.

  • KingParisBuckingham

    i wish white people would feel the same way blacks feel.i wish blacks would start calling the cops on whites the same way for same types of shit.( you whites who invade black hoods wanting to be hype eg. all over nyc.i wish blacks would call the cops if you're moving in or out late at night, all types of bullshit that you whites feel is ok to call cops on blacks for ......

  • morg444

    Racism is alive everywhere in the USA

  • Ben Schaeffer

    CRAZY. We live in such a F**KED UP society. Figures that this happened in suburban southern California. Rialto is in San Bernardino county, not especially known for diversity.

  • Jeriel Lopez

    I do not see anything wrong with this. You see someone you don't know, no matter what race, going out of a house especially with suitcases (cover for stolen goods), you should call the police. It just so happens that they are black so they pull out the race card. However, so many comments here are quickly judging the neighbor. I hope that you do not get burglarized or attacked in your home and nobody does anything about it because they are afraid of getting judged like this neighbor.

  • Night Porter

    Americans are scum. If you aren’t trying not o change your nationality and get out, you’re the enemy, and part of the problem.

  • ladyrob4110

    ...every racially involved calls should be subject to a fine!!!

  • Firsto Lasto

    Black people should start calling the police on white people for doing every day normal stuff like yoga, surfing, playing golf and they'll know how it feels. God help America.

  • John Kidd

    Not true. As a police officer it was standard practice to interview the complainant to check the truth and motivation for the 911 call. Not at all unusual to charge the caller if the call was false.

  • KingParisBuckingham

    in nyc she migjt get arrested for misuse of 911 service

  • J. Montrice

    This gets my blood boiling. When will people learn to mind their own business.

  • Kimberly Stanley

    ...therefore kneeling is important! This is a situation that did not go drastically wrong, but all it would have taken would have been one thing to go 'south' and any one of these people could have been physically harmed or killed.

  • Buffalo Man

    maybe the "black community", which they love to be referred to as, should look at themselves and try to improve their own image. Perhaps the average person, both black and white, look at blacks as a potential problem. Why is that do you suppose? I dont look at blacks that way but they suspect I do. Personally, I dont care what any of you think. You can insult me all you want, or you can be honest and say I'm the coolest thing you ever seen.

  • rchelle2000

    She conveniently missed when they were going IN with their luggage, when they were going back and forth during their stay, and only saw them the day they were leaving. Nothing in their behavior was ever suspicious. But oh how so very convenient for that woman to see something wrong.

  • Jam Toe

    This is part of the me3 movement.

  • Kimberly Hodge

    Sue the cops and her


    African Chick Fine AsL...iWana Go2 Wakanda Now

  • Ahmed Adam

    The white Bitch just needs a black dick. Maybe she is too old and was rejected by a dude with bbc.

  • KingParisBuckingham

    " 911 .i saw a strange white man and woman carrying suitcases out of my neighbor's house.am afraid they might be stealing since like 99% of the package thefts in america are white people.i frar for my life.....

  • sportbikesandterps

    This is just America being great again, amirite? The Trump era. History will look back on these times as horrible and racist. Hate is never on the right side of history.

  • Florine Young

    Its time for you to bust jail wide open

  • Quxn Jay

    What type of reasoning…I saw strange people with luggage like so what? They have luggage so obviously they’re moving in for some time, if you know the neighbors so well call and ask them. They didn’t wave like neighbors, bitch you didn’t wave either. She has way too much entitlement “they didn’t wave at me and I don’t know them so I was suspicious”. The police were even more ridiculous, there’s no reason they shouldn’t have believed them.


    Discrimination on both departments. Rialto is horrible. I have been living in California over 31years. My family is from Rialto.

  • Buffalo Man

    the liberal news hosts make sure we know that all black people and all white people hate each other for the color of the skin. they just wont stop telling us this.

  • Pine Sol

    What about all these poor minority redhair people murdered by blonde hair white girls and black terrorist

  • T Duncan

    The attorney is on point Go Jasmin Rand Bravo to you

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