What The Meghan Markle Controversy Shows Us, North Korea Cancels, The Fairfield 10, & Gaza

Lots to talk about today, ya Beautiful Bastards. Let’s just jump into it…
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Is Markle’s Dad Invited to the Wedding?:

10 CA Children Found in Unsafe Living Conditions:
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Gaza Update:

North Korea Talks:
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  • Kendra Salerno

    My daughter goes to school a block away from their home. It’s a wealthy neighborhood in Fairfield. When I pick my daughter up from school, I park nearby their home. Looking from the outside, aside from some bent blinds, it doesn’t look like a home there would be anything inside as terrible as it is. Neighbors have said they didn’t even think there were kids living in the home. Such a sad story!

  • Essy Chilcutte

    I have been turned away from help* Emergency help... I wont seek it again.

  • Philip DeFranco

    I know I can get heated with stories involving kids but... THOSE PICTURES. C'mon. Disgusting. Markle(00:06), Fairfield Kids(6:45), Gaza(11:54), North Korea(16:44)

  • denster1991

    Stones and Molotovs are not the tools of protest those are for riots, the security force is well "defended" how could try to justify that?

  • April K

    Tearing up the house explans misplaced couch cusions or a dresser pulled away from the wall. It doesnt' eve begin to explain the state of that house.

  • Josue Pina

    Waiting. Betting. Yay.

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