HARDtalk Alexey Navalny

Stephen Sackur is in Moscow for a special edition of HARDtalk with Russia's most prominent opposition leader Alexey Navalny. Despite harassment and legal challenges, he says that he will challenge Vladmir Putin in presidential elections which are scheduled for 2018. But will his defiance cost him dear?

Alexey Navalny, Russia, Vladmir Putin,
  • Aleksandr Bessalov

    Навальный борется с коррупцией, им не движет какие-то личные отношения с Путиным, также и с другими продажными государственными служащими.

  • Valeh Valehli

    Russian people !!! Don't be only dry nationalist !!! Ask these questions for yourself. OK?!* Why Russian and other Soviet country poeole are more poor in the world? (only exception; Baltic states)- Because corruptionist regime working only themselvs.* What do you looking for behind of this barbarian regime?- All dictatorship regimes say lies to their country peple by TV. Never and nowhere!!! Don't belive this dry stories.* Who is Putin?!- Don't belive that, he is leader, he is only criminal, grafter.And don' forget this:If Lenin's, Stalin's way good, why your USSR (CCCP) failed after 70 years.Lenin - Stalin and today's Putin: All of them are fox killers of barbarian KGB regime.

  • 60sctg

    A very impressive man !

  • Friedrich Nietzsche

    The good thing about Alexey he will fix corruption but he does not have that special INTELLECT that Putin has he seem like just an average guy but that is good enough. But he seems like a Boris Yeltsin more like a western puppet.

  • Marcel van der Linden

    big respect for Alexey to face real problems and fight corruption. May he live long.

  • Mikhail Erdenko

    It is very sad that the west left the Russian people alone with those fucking dwarfs - medvedev and putin. It was said that fascist regime can only be changed from outside. But what country in the west has the will and power to kick out putin?

  • Count Rufus

    i hooe he becomes presidnet

  • Sercarano T

    What a stupid and ignorant journalist from BBC. He isn't really listening is he, he is just pushing his view in this video. :(

  • Dmitry Zhilov

    Why is the interviewer pretending to know more about the Russian inner political system and the dangers Navalny would face even more than him, who has been trying to fight this for almost 10 years now. It is just annoying how the journalist stresses the consequences Navalny could have and makes prominent examples of people being opressed by the system, of course Alexei is fully aware of that. I was really hoping to see an interview with more speaking time of Navalny and explanations of his political and social goals and less of the journalist talking about and explaining trivial stuff everybody has been knowing and being aware of for a long time.

  • Monison Mathen

    Alexei Navalny is of Ukranian descent. How can one presume that the Russian people will trust him? Apart from that, here is an excerpt from Wikipedia on Alexei, 'In 2008, Navalny spent around 300,000 rubles on stocks of five oil and gas companies: Rosneft, Gazprom, Gazprom Neft, Lukoil, and Surgutneftegaz, thus becoming an activist shareholder.'. Who does Alexei condemn about holding illegal or disproportionate assets?Moreover he keeps saying that Putin has no plans. Now give him an opportunity to just Narrate his plans. He will find that the Russia's arms are bound economically. This is what a strong leader like Putin is fighting now. This guy has no political future in Russia. Maybe he has one in Ukraine. Let him think about it. As of now, we find that Putin is able to manoeuvre the international pressure on Russia which Alexei may not be able to do.Russia will have to wait for something better. We outsiders can only pray for the Christian nation. In the meanwhile why would Putin imprison Navalny's brother? Would not that look bad on the president? I clearly am skeptical about the entire situation.

  • Evgeniy Danil'chenko

    future president or next victim of putin's regime

  • yash sandhu

    seems like a very brave leader .

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