Gowdy to Trump: Ask Putin where "we can pick up the 25 Russians" indicted in probe

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-South Carolina, discusses the special counsel's indictments of 25 Russians and the hearing with FBI agent Peter Strzok with moderator Margaret Brennan.
  • Mary Grace

    mj voice edit police

  • Giuseppe Perrotta

    Gowdy not investigating Russian he is investigating a Text Message that is ALL

  • bob mays

    Send FBI agents to Russia and arrest the suspects. If they don't allow it Declare War?

  • shiny penny

    Gowdy knows what he is saying is a lie. Why does he keep peddling the same propaganda? William Binney Ex in-tell. Proved without a shadow of a doubt the info from the DNC server was downloaded from someone inside the DNC that had physical access to the computer. I'm not sure what game Gowdy is playing but he is looking pretty stupid.

  • HRTsAFyre

    So many Russian Trolls on this video. Either that or you are all traitors. Gowdy is finally speaking out about the Russian intrusion, but he is not being forthcoming about Trumps scandalous affair with Russia that allowed this infiltration into our Government.

  • Steve Golden

    Ask mr gowdy where we can pick up Obama's laundry ... after all ... he is Obama's main boy.

  • William Russell

    nooooooooooooooo my hero gowdy looks like g boy cooper anderson

  • Frank D. Long

    Notice Gowdy's purple tie.

  • Kofi Annan

    Gowdy is as the most un-patriotic blowhard

  • Frank D. Long

    Gowdy is a deep state traitor and needs to stop giving our President advice.No one proved anyone did anything.The only voter fraud that was committed was by  millions of illegals and dead people voting Democrat.All which has been proven.

  • Pam Mckellar

    Trey gowdy favors those characters in that movie The hills have eyes !!

  • jninan100

    Why should Trump ask. Obama didn’t care when he was the one in charge when supposedly Russia interfered. Just get Hillary to hire Christopher Steele to find out where they can be picked up. He got fake information from the Kremlin for Hillary on Trump.

  • Joe Gorely

    Gowdy is a zionist shill.

  • Austin Carlson

    Alienate russia globally expose the terrorism they sell. It's funny every where Russia is involved in other countries there is nothing but turmoil and chaos and instability civil unrest poverty death destruction their guns their missiles in the hands of the enemy does nobody see this big f**** picture that Russia is actually the brain to the piece of s*** committing the crimes f*** Russia they're just a poor country who got rich off being crooked like the mob too bad there are people in your country didn't know any better God bless USA

  • Anthony Milne

    Trey Gowdy is not afraid to be non partisan and to seek the truth. A great man

  • Pam Mckellar

    This guy Trey gowdy is one of the rats !!

  • Joe Gorely

    Israel has meddled in every US election since 1950

  • jimrbsn

    Hey Gowdy... how many foreign elections has our government agencies Actually interfered with or even totally controlled?

  • Drew

    Is Gowdy this delusional? What does he think about the US undermining elections, regime-changing governments all over the world?

  • Michelle Rukny

    Gowdy used to be a respectable politician with morals and dignity, he seems to slowly be joining the swamp... #booksalesarebetterthanever

  • Cole Ritter

    Trey, please expand you view concerning efforts to alter or influence our election process by opening you eyes and ears to election fraud by the DemonicRat voter rigging. George Soros owns substantial holdings in polling machines. Obamanation won the 2012 POTUS race because of substantial voter fraud and machine rigging. Fact! Do you honestly believe that people like Maxine "Mad Max" Waters has maintained her seat in Congress all these years without the help of vote rigging by the DemonicRats? Expose videos on DemonicRat vote rigging has clearly established that this has been going on for the past 60 years. I've seen three such undercover videos that expose this practice. I have found no evidence of Russian voter interference other than purported unnamed intelligences who claim this took place. The DNC said they were hacked by the Russians but refused to let the FBI investigate and refused to let the FBI examine their server. This is all just a fantasy story that was designed to go towards claiming that Trumps campaign colluded with Russian intelligence elements to influence the 2016 Presidential election. This was a very poorly crafted deception by the FBI, Fusion GPS, Hillary Clinton, the DOJ, and others to create a dog n pony show to delegitimize Trump victory and get Hillary off the hot seat for her numerous criminal offenses. It's not that hard to connect the dots.

  • 19holly66

    Gowdy, Et tu, Brute?

  • Scott

    You're way off track Trey. Imagine the number of countries that would move to have American intelligence officers and other involved parties extradited for interfering in their country's political affairs. Israel and Libya would ask for Obama people and Hillary to be handed over for questioning for interfering. We have to be better at stopping attacks and if we had the DNC server to examine you might find some evidence of who really was involved. But that won't happen, people would rather speculate than prove their point. Mueller going after Trump collusion is a witchhunt, but investigating Russian involvement in our election would only be valid if he really wanted to get to the truth, and from what I have seen he's been unable to thoroughly get that accomplished because of his incompetence.

  • MICHAEL boyd


  • Charles Daniel

    Hillobama are covering there tracks!

  • Drew

    Mr Gowdy has been severely downgraded in my mind for his insane, evidence-free accusation of Russian INTERFERENCE in our elections.

  • HRTsAFyre

    Impeach Rosenstein? Why? He is an American hero!

  • Giuseppe Perrotta

    I never seen somebody so viurent about a text message taken out of contest Shame

  • David Lloyd

    Russia colluded with Democrats to discredit Trump, ant-Trump bias Strzok and Page, story made up by Democrats.Putin did not want Clinton, but a false flag. People think Democrats were not involved in creating this hoax.Uranium One - dealings with Russia from Clinton.

  • Drew

    What if Russia would demand Victoria Nuland and John McInsane extradition for interfering with elections, regime-changes all over the world.

  • Howard Davis

    These repubelickends keep talking that socialists crap when they are pushing their own socialism with the Putin and the RUSSIANS

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