Trump Lawyer Blasts Giuliani, Asks If Cohen Was A “Mob" Fixer | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

In a Beat exclusive, Trump lawyer Jay Goldberg attacks Trump’s other lawyer, Rudy Giuliani saying Giuliani was not “the right person” for Trump to hire and there were “much better people” to get for “negotiating with Mueller.” Goldberg also blasting Giuliani for taking the spotlight, trying to “aggrandize himself”, a charge he also lays on Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti. Goldberg notes that any possible “wrongdoing” that occurred while he was Trump’s lawyer was kept from him, but suggests that Michael Cohen’s self-described role as a “fixer” for Trump could relate to the influence of the “mob” in “building trades”.
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Trump Lawyer Blasts Giuliani, Asks If Cohen Was A “Mob" Fixer | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
  • Flint ston

    something cooking in there


    Rudy is getting trump back for not giving rudy that position.

  • jeffrey pierce

    he's president trump to you son...don't forget that fact.

  • Jim Armijo

    Lvlvlvlvlv USA POTUS TRUMP lvlvlvlvlv USA POTUS Trump lvlvlv usapotus Trump lvlvlv usapotus Trump lvlvlv usapotus Trump lvlvlv usapotus Trump lvlvlv usapotus Trump lvlvlv


    Guliani is probably a old time friend.

  • Terry Oesch

    Mueller is like a well groomed poodle trying to hump Trumps leg

  • Deborah Watkins

    I do not agree about Michael Avanatti. He has served to be an annoying thorn in Trumps side and it's working. He also uncovered extra payments to his shell company which ties his case with Mrs. Daniels to the Mueller investigation.I think he has been helpful.I think he has made a deliberate point to annoy trump and I find that funny and helpful

  • ajc bng

    Is he blind or reading a teleprompter?

  • bonwright78

    Hehehehehe Avenatti is ruffling all these old birds feathers and I’m here for it all!

  • mr hollands opus

    This guy is a LIAR!!

  • Ellwood Greiner

    Fake news MSNBC liber news wish Donald Trump loses in Trump Country. Nice trice fake news.

  • Hot Sas

    Lawyers are a jackasses putting on a show.

  • deepbigeyes

    He doesn't look Ari in the eyes at all. That's a bit of a tell.

  • Uneeda S

    Rudy is been paid to spit lies on TV just so reporters are thrown off what's really going on.

  • terry varta

    Why would trump hire mayor Giuliani. Well the guy is a nutcase

  • Jonsey Fuller

    Did that guy (lawyer) just say: "it was a blessing that some things were kept from me"?


    OMFG This old codger is as bad as The Ghoul !

  • trueblue2k2

    There's far more corruption material to work with on Obama's side of the fence for reporters trying to eek out a living, but I guess that's hardly an issue anymore with Soros recruiting and picking up the tab.

  • Shonky Macaroons

    Just love watching all these sycophants cannibalising each other.

  • Al Thompson

    Yes, this gentleman is at an advanced age but still much, much sharper than bumbling Rudy Giuliani. #IMPEACH

  • David Lee

    How in the he'll do u think he did thinks by the law when he was helping pay 4 or more women off ,I'm just saying. Aren't they on the same team defending Trump but throwing each other under the bus . Is it another distraction.

  • Lesley Allinson

    What a joke this man is,

  • rant404

    Why is Goldberg talking about his client?

  • Ronald Jefferson

    Donald Trump and his staff would like to use spiritual stricture, here one for one are like your father the devil he was a lier from the beginning of time and he is a lier today.


    What he said a fixer is some one who regulates criminals pays people off so they don't harass his client

  • Thadmotor1044

    corruption , ignorance , propaganda at its highest , all pillars of our Democracy under great attack , ongoing cyber war by Russia , and trump sides with all Dictators , ruins allies alliance

  • Myra Woodberry


  • Joan Meijer

    Another stupid Trump lawyer.... please stop interviewing these lying jerks.... remember all the people around Trump lie.

  • mary w

    Sounds more like he was establishing his protection from prior years practice by his own version of attorney client priviledge .

  • Apryl’s Page

    The more news coverage this gets the more likely people are to become apathetic to what’s going on. Discuss normalcy every once & again. People can think for themselves. It’s like living in a city with high crime, at some point it’s no longer “news” & people tune out & disconnects. Trump will benefit from lots of what if speculation. God knows, if all the people complaining actually got out & voted in local & national elections, this wouldn’t even be an issue. We’d have to turn to Fox to hear about crooked Hillary or Socialistic Bernie. Instead, we’re giving trump exactly what he likes, opportunities to bate & switch, repeat!

  • Jim Armijo

    Indirectly the world is paying the mob. __$__$$$. If u not u dead!!!!! Stupid!!!!

  • elizabeth johnson

    Goldberg seems totally delusional, Trump constantly broke/breaks the law... Trump must have kept the truth to himself and well away from Goldberg.

  • Charles Hampton

    I like that drumpf doesn't smile much any more. He's obviously miserable and stressed. I'm only hopefull that the stress will bring on a stroke or fatal heart attack. Although I would prefer Robert Mueller finds so many crimes to hang him, and his evil spawn, that there's no way they wouldn't spend the rest of their lives in prison. The sooner anything happens, the better it will be for the world.

  • Thadmotor1044

    mob boss trump will do anything and everything to protect his status , including destroying American Democracy , attacks free press with tariffs against pulp paper

  • Lynette Patton

    If people don't whine and complain and raise a monumental stink about what's would be unusual and un-American.

  • Derrick Moyer


  • mary dupree

    someone needs to change his diaper

  • Indi Pillai


  • rant404

    It was the Dotard, in the bedroom, with the $130,000 NDA.

  • Mark Steven

    This is one senile old fart calling out another senile old fart.

  • bluezinnia847

    Trumps connection with the Mob, is just the tip of the ice berg...Because, we also have Trumps connection to the Russian Mob as well...And Trump is very afraid. As well he should be because Putin can put his candle out immediately...maybe even poisen his Mac Donalds burgers...just saying...Trump is the must hateful, racist, corrupt President in the White anything really bad can, and possibly will happen to him. And personally, I think this scum bag deserves what is delt to him.

  • 007欧阳清

    Come on guys. It’s clear everyone is lying, led by the Liar-in-Chief, The President.

  • Silly Putty

    I think that man just sat on a tack!

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