European Judo Championships Tel-Aviv 2018: Day 2

European Judo Championships Tel-Aviv 2018
Location: Tel-Aviv (ISR)
Date: 26-28 April 2018

Thursday, 26th April: -48, -52, -57, -60, -66 kg
Start: 11:50, Final Block: 17:00

Friday, 27th April: -63, -70, -73, -81 kg
Start: 10:50, Final Block: 16:00

Saturday, 28th April: -78, +78, -90, -100, +100 kg
Start: 11:50, Final Block: 17:00
  • Nick Cromwell

    Valkova has the sexiest back, does she? And it is the first time I call the back sexy.

  • Nick Cromwell

    This is officially worst judo day I have ever saw. The quality of the broadcast is perfect. Yesterday was completely the other way around.

  • Nick Cromwell

    I've been tolerating it for a while and that's it. Vicker is absolutely disastrous across the board. She's absolutely biassed, politically incorrect, and her pronunciation is so weird at times. The worst is that she's not even trying to reproduce the family names which are called more or less correctly by announcer.

  • Ruslan K

    не стыдно такой победе радыватся.

  • Nick Cromwell

    Damn, Vicker says "boot" instead of "but". It's a very original take on big ol "but", damn...

  • Nick Cromwell

    Yet again. Semis women 63. We're bloody watching Brit and Trestnjak when on the other mat is the highest seeded woman under 63 in the world Agbegnenou. Just don't sell that crap about protocol and that you're choosing the highest seeded player.

  • Alexey Epifanov

    fantastic translation, especially possibility to switch between mats

  • Nick Cromwell

    Gotta love Israeli crowd everybody's like one watching their former citizen.

  • Nick Cromwell

    Whatever the reasoning, British fighters are commentated regularly. Tatami channels save the day.

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