Everything Wrong With Ratatouille In 15 Minutes Or Less

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With the impending release of The Incredibles 2, we decided it was finally time to go looking for sins in the last Brad Bird Pixar film, Ratatouille. It's about a rat chef, but it's also really excellent, but also full of sins.

Thursday: Animated sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • sammy mckinney

    Sin off it wasn't the rat to carry the plague yes they were involved but it was tics that were on the rats attack humans spreading the plague

  • Sa'ruk Maktao

    "Walk in fridge could be soundproof. But it isn't in another movie. Therefore sin, because it isn't soundproof." So, impossible that the other movie is wrong? I call a sin against cinemasins.

  • the deadly kaiju 1985

    All of the humans that ate there got Black Death and all died happily ever after The End

  • Angel Hernandez

    This vid. Is 16 min wtf

  • bora ersoy

    Thanks, you ruined my fav cartoon film

  • Alf Jones - Evan Moore Bacon lll

    @10:20 you forget to mention the age-inappropriate lewd joke about when the protagonist was telling the french chick he has a "little thing" and she looked very quickly at his crotch with discuss when he really was refering to the rat. I'm shocked you missed that. It's funny when u notice it

  • Hunter 9870

    15 min or less nope 16

  • Maddy

    This should just be a video of him saying absolutely nothing

  • Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen

    Im always so happy when you take a sin off with something I agree with

  • Sam Jones

    There is nothing wrong with this movie at all

  • Jacob Little

    "Ok back the fuck up beep BEEP BEEP!" 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Rae Smith

    Everything wrong with Sandlot?

  • Some Gay Boy

    Can the rat control you when it’s in your ass

  • De wizard of Jonah

    Why wasn’t Gordon Ramsay in the movie

  • Ghostgaming Brotherhood

    When i was a child i loved it this movie and its still great

  • Remy Fagerstrom


  • Jason Keats

    hey unfair sin at the language barrier, first it's an English movie, so i think you can cut it some slack. second you already sinned remay for the ability to read. so him understanding linguini is not far-fetched in a world where a rat can read. and lastly rats aren't built to speak! this is going to be a weird comparison but werewolves (bear with me), they can speak in their human form but in their wolf or werewolf form they can't because the structure of their mouth and head change. birds can speak because they are built with the ability to imitate noises.

  • Annette Maldonado

    "Back the fuck up, beep beep beep" completely monotone was my favorite part of this video

  • Kendy Bennett


  • Devil-Noir Arts

    You say you suck the fun out of movies but I say you just put things into perspective that we wouldn’t notice beforehand.

  • Smoker 1404

    Remy is a Lab RatThat explains his sense of smell

  • Gamer1288

    1:32 I'm surprised that the obese chef died JUST after a bad review and no one suspected foul plan and put it off as a broken heart instead of a rival company taking the chance to get rid of him permanently BEFORE he could make a come back. Hell, That critic looks like he could have been easily bribed to give a bad review which no one stopped to think about.

  • Patricia Tague

    3:05 um excuse me Gilmore Girls is amazing

  • Tricia Aura Uy

    Suck the guy all ways jugag


    Another awful video on an awful channel

  • Iris the baked potato

    ! sin for the fact that rats are not that small. The rats in this movie are like the size of 3 mice, where as real rats are WAY bigger. They cannot fit in the palm of your f*cking hand.

  • Jasonite _ gaming

    The mime is from Incredibles!

  • Tone Grumbt

    Of course they survived the lightning, it's a cartoon. if it's a live action film then you have a case.Ding!

  • Your Mom

    1:00 jumping into dms like:

  • Smoker 1404

    Remy can read, I wonder if he also can write.

  • gold fire

    I wanna see u guys make a movie. I bet it’s gonna be the best, without any problems.

  • Matthew Aguilar

    Was that a Seinfeld reference with the beeps?!😆

  • Joyce Dayle

    Do your homework. Ive been to France and they do hang rats up in the shop just to show how well the traps work. You probably know that.

  • TightSqueeze Jam at FB

    "Ratsist?" lolCAN'T give them a sin for falling off a small roof! Rats can survive a 5 story fall! Haven't you seen the Rats episode of Modern Marvels?What rats CAN'T do is vomit. Which is why rat poison works, btw. But they CAN smell like a dog, which means they're GENERALLY not stupid enough to eat rat poison.History lesson: it WASN'T the rats that carried the plague. It was the fleas ON the rats that did it. Someone got the idea that cats were bad and so the rats got out of control. See?The Shining gets a sin because you can't hear ANYTHING outside a storage locker like that. People have survived the 2nd largest and deadliest fire in the US (Cocoanut Grove, killed 490) in a fridge. So I'm going with "fridges and storage lockers are soundproof."Rats playing improvised instruments would be called skiffle.As for the very end: the original joke about detecting nuttiness is better than yours.

  • swirl swirl

    Yeah ruin my childhood!! Go sadness

  • Ben Sawyer

    If you build your entire channel around nitpicking even the tiniest perceived flaws of a movie, you don't get to start right off with such a huge mistake as thinking La Marseillaise, the NATIONAL ANTHEM OF FRANCE, exists only as part of the 1812 Overture.

  • Brooke Blaeske

    16 minutes not FIFTEEN OR LESS

  • Or Something

    5:43 Sin for CinemaSins and another for the movieAt 3:14 the restaurant is shown with 3 stars instead of 4, meaning not only did they not acknowledge this fact in the movie, but they also fucked something up in that small time frame to lose another star.

  • Meegkarla 1512

    8:47 when you realise that half in its 51 sins and nearly any sin removal?

  • Jedi Raziel

    10:44 - it's funny, but did you write the description of the footage you were going to sin, before you realized it was a sin?Ding?

  • CarSar DereSa

    cook here. you definitely cannot hear shit on the other side of a closed walk-in

  • cultofpersonalit1888

    I'm french and my grandfather literally take his shotgun to kill a rat !!! The rat was hiding behind a door and my grandfather shoot the rat the door exploded and the rat survived and he ran away in the basement... So this kind of situation exists !

  • Cris Bugatti

    you just witnessed his weed deal!! Lmfao!!

  • 007Mdog

    They do actually take Cigarette breaks in Paris it’s funny how little they care about the customers

  • Adriano Limaco

    16:48 that's the time it says 15 mins or less HUH RATPOSED

  • Epistol Show

    Yes, the shop exists

  • Thaneindra Naidu

    Cinemasins talks too much

  • Rémy Kenny L.

    Sin 92 : The rat's name.

  • foxxie jester

    6:39Cracked upMainly 6:40Beep beep beep, the sh*thole apartment 🤣😂😄😅😁😀😆

  • Detroit: Become Kitten

    Can I know more about those hand drawn maps? 😂

  • Alf Jones - Evan Moore Bacon lll

    @6:12 the word or term for "secondary protagonist" is 'deutoragonist' .. you're welcome. Love your work btw, no one does it quite like you

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