Everything Wrong With Ratatouille In 15 Minutes Or Less

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With the impending release of The Incredibles 2, we decided it was finally time to go looking for sins in the last Brad Bird Pixar film, Ratatouille. It's about a rat chef, but it's also really excellent, but also full of sins.

Thursday: Animated sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • lowrider993

    00:30 yeah but he is a rat, it would make less sense for him to understand why he genetically has a better nose than any other other weird science in this movie

  • Ginger Snape


  • Jeida Laurienne


  • Mary Brantnall

    at 12:09 , with Remy pulling on Linguine's left hair strand, and Linguine moving his right arm; that's actually an animation "rule" that prevents the viewer from being confused. For example, if a character picks up something in front of them with their right hand (and it shows the item being picked up from the right side with said right hand), and then it switches to a front facing view of the character (showing the character's face + bringing item towards them), it will show the character picking up the item from the right side of the screen, despite that in actuality, that's their left hand, not their right. Again, this is to prevent confusing the viewer. To put it simply, the movement on the screen will be on the same side of THE SCREEN, not necessarily in parallel with reality (it's really confusing for animation/film students though ngl)

  • AnatoleH1

    France does get lots of strikes... Probably why it's not on the front page news :)

  • Harold McBroom

    I loved this movie, and wish they would have had a sequel :)  They could have kept the human's out, and just made it a mouse movie and it would have been awesome.

  • Bryan Doss

    6:40 One of the best sins this channel has ever done

  • DiabloSandwich59

    12:58 What proof do you have that the new Ant Man movie is going to be bad (other than the obvious you being a prick?)

  • All These Pseudonyms

    Jump to 6:38 for good times. "Okay, back the f*ck up. BEEP BEEP BEEP." :'D

  • Jeida Laurienne

    Really, people getting so butthurt about CinemaSins sinning their favorite films. I love almost every Pixar film and I still search CinemaSins for their "Everything wrong with" vids and laugh over them. If you have an ounce of common sense, then you'd know they're doing this just for laughter and fun, so for god's sake just get a laugh. Besides, though some of the sins are simply intentional nitpicking did for laughs, many of the things they pointed out actually are true clichés, plotholes and logical/factual inconsistencies, so just open your mind and accept it. All these faults doesn't mean the films are no good, but nothing's perfect. I'm an amateur writer and these videos teach me to be careful with logic and facts in my own writing...and to be critical when I read and watch other works as well. I really don't mind them sinning the hell out of all my favorite movies XD. And FYI, they also praise these same movies they dissed so harshly; why else would they make the "Everything great about" series for almost all of these movies too, duh!? Even the greatest movie has sins, and the worst movie has its great moments, they said it themselves.

  • Generation Sigma

    You know it's a great movie when CinemaSins gives it below 100 sins!!!...

  • Arthur Dayne

    the room jack's in wasn't a walk in freezer but a storage room for dry food... it was a giant hotelthe one here is a typical small walk in fridgerator that is turned on which makes it pretty noisyand in my experience a lot of the sound is muffled lmao it's noisy in the fridgeso the sin is actually unjustified

  • Generation Sigma

    7:52...Lmao what does that have anything to do with the movie!!!...

  • AnAlternate Mew

    Everything Wrong with ratatouille: EVERYTHING

  • Rman Nayr


  • Llama Basketball

    Ok I’m sorry but this is the best movie 😂

  • yDiafol

    Everything wrong with Borat!

  • Ethan M.

    This guy still says "rad" in 2018.- ding -

  • Vya Ansyah

    I never watch ratatouille and i dont like it for no reason. But the flashback of the food critique part changed my mind and makes me want to watch it

  • Zinj Lulu

    I can't believe he sinned Ratatouille or not making the "villain more villainy", if it were the other way around he would've sinned it for a lack of antagonist nuance

  • Abdul-Med Bangura Jr.

    Everything Wrong with The Shawshank Redemption. DO IT!! I don't believe "no movie is without sin" until YOU DO IT!!

  • Reinder

    Please another sin is that there is no 5 star restaurants. 3 is the max. The 5 star rating is for hotels.

  • Tony Blakeman

    12:00, hey! Looks like that villain from The Incredibles. The mime. Pretty cool.

  • Skimmers

    Sin 40: 6:16 Rat would have drowned with the hole in jar.

  • Erich Mueller

    5:40 - Gusteau's had 3 stars at the time. ding

  • Honor Burke

    0:12 that’s not 1812, that’s La Marseillaise, the French national anthem

  • Rik Wisselink

    11:55 show Bomb Voyage from The Incredibles

  • Rumman Rahman

    It's a fucking dineto fairy tale!!what else do you expect goddamn it!!

  • Thomas McGraw

    6:39 "Beep beep beep!" I fucking died!

  • James GDN g d

    linguini take out the garbage!

  • Emma Hanlon

    I haven't watched this video yet but I know for a fact there is not a single thing wrong with this movie

  • Creative Seagull Coloring Books

    I saw Ratatouille on a date and really liked it, the animation was the best part of that date :)

  • Jonny Dreaden

    Ohhh no. One old lady can produce that much trash. Ask my grandmother

  • Ludvig Aas

    grip blow that very egg edition along.

  • Rman Nayr

    Plus 1 more Sin for Biting Himself during that scene!

  • The Inkling Society

    Okay, back the f*ck up. Beep! Beep! Beep!

  • Troy Lacre

    Doesn't this movie take place in the 70's or something?

  • fireupontheearth

    If I heard a guy in a walk-in by himself talking to his "little chef" I'd ignore that shit too.

  • Krystal Meyer


  • Bogumila Czwakiel

    I watch both the increbidles moviess

  • Erika

    You forgot the part where linguini pushed Remy into the river with a hole being in the jar for him to breathe and then Linguini getting out and somehow Remy not being wet AT ALL because the water SOMEHOW didn’t get into the hole of the jar.

  • Ari Dae

    I feel like this movie would’ve been better if they had Lafayette, so...everyone give it up for America’s favorite fighting Frenchman!!!!

  • Sweet Skyangel

    I count sins not tragedies..

  • Rick van Veldhuizen

    That's the French national anthem by the way which was quoted by Tchaikovsky in an Overture about victory over the French army. Sorry, that got confusing real quick.

  • Tay Dundas

    Oh my childhood... it hurts

  • Mystical Gameing123

    Is it wrong for me to like an animated french chick????? : :

  • Awesome Coconut

    Is 15:24 the same person as remy

  • Aryn Ashryver

    Even if you talk shit about it, I still like it. just has some strange appeal to me.

  • Kira Goodwin

    rats didnt carry the plague fleas on rats did ding rats are as clean if not cleaner than cats ding

  • loukou amanda kelly

    i dare you to do a kubrick movie (exept shining lol ) or a Kurosawa movie

  • lowrider993

    14:05 I like this movie, it's not one of my favorites but I like it, and I agree that it deserves a sin off for that scene, but then you mention illumination and compare it to this movie, can't you take of a 100 sins for every bad sequel illumination has made if you're gonna compare?

  • Lehla GR

    "One day we could be sinning your movies."I'm gonna stick to poetry and lyrics. Thanks, though!

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