YoungBoy Never Broke Again Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

YoungBoy Never Broke Again goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City and talks about wearing Air Jordans growing up, never wearing the same outfit twice, and wanting to start his own sneaker brand.

NOTE: This episode was shot on February, 22, 2018.

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    I never have thies sht eather

  • raven hullum

    Young boy looked like he was mad and happy

  • JaySean Skinner

    My nigga over here speakin a different fuckin language

  • Sneaky Master

    He’s a permanent mumble rapper

  • Connor Cerf

    That fan sounded fake

  • Karen Vasquez

    NBA young boy did bad to break up with dennelle brogioli

  • Mindofgoat God

    Leave the man alone at least he got to meet him and get shoes

  • Eduardo Cruz

    Young boy never learned to speak right

  • Jordo Makes Bando

    Anyone got the instrumental at the end of the video?

  • A Typical Playaa

    Quote of the year "I took the ball out and put a gun in his hand".

  • Jamiyah Turnage

    im 11 and i got bigger feet than nba im an 8/5 im a girl to

  • prvncess kira

    Im sorry but I LOVE his eyes and his voice

  • Bacuana Out

    I barely understood what he was saying. He was mumbling so much

  • Jamiyah Turnage

    he look high or zoned out

  • RookieTV

    His doesn’t give a fu*k about this whole interview😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • kxnnxdy _

    lol i cant look at him the same knowing he has herpes

  • Son O Simba

    Bro i have no idea what hes sayin

  • Eduardo Cruz

    Young boy is a fucking bum

  • Monkei Boi

    The fan was really drippin tho, u saw his outfit, chuuu

  • anfernee_23

    Did Joe ever get herpes 😖🤧

  • marlanixo

    bro he 18 and he already getting bitches pregnant💀💀 boy you got a whole life ahead u

  • Hamza Ali-Mohammad

    Who else thinks that youngboys shirt was inappropriate so they made him wear a stadium goods t shirt

  • S Meek

    Damn, I see why mumble rappers have fucked up these young kids. Speak up so somebody can understand you, Shit.

  • Shallow 3d

    damnnn they aint apply nooo discounts lol thas f'd up

  • Oh LilJayy-

    My bother has the red Jordan’s to

  • Krodez Beats

    That kids a shit actor

  • Kingslayer29

    Not a fan of Kevin?!?!?

  • Horatio Henderson

    5:30 you can get those black cements for like 100 dollars they trippin hard fr fr

  • colombianecktie

    so many new rappers out evsryday but, this gentleman is humble. says he still goes to the mall, cares about his kids, had his puppy hanging out in the store and then bought a fan some kicks. (yea he's flashing cash but, he said he's never had it before so it's his value and he's not just showing it, he's spreading it.)

  • Mighty Hazard

    this dude like he never sure

  • Latraveon bnjnmmBurts

    I love all your songs

  • Emilio Flores

    Why the black cements thoo

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