Michael Cohen Pay-to-Play Allegations; John Kelly's Immigration Comments: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the White House dealing with new revelations involving the president's fixer, Michael Cohen, and questions about its cruel policy of separating immigrant families.
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Michael Cohen Pay-to-Play Allegations; John Kelly's Immigration Comments: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • steve clapper

    she wasn't a joking.

  • Daniel Garcia

    The only good thing about a Trump presidency is that I know how miserable he must be, wth all the security measures, obligations, the media on your butt, Melania angry at you, the real life desicions and consequences to face, he must be super miserable. In addition, the U.S voter now will now be more wise into voting and realize the content that is trying to decive them, a.k.a Fox news.

  • MatchstalkMan

    4:29 That was funny but you should have spelled Counsel as Council. Because that’s what trump does.

  • Aly G

    Gee, I much prefer my pro Domme's version of Pay for Play.

  • Lily Darkmoore

    People have been drawing a lot of comparisons, both historically and in literature, to the Trump cabal of conspirators that he calls an administration. Here's my favorite: I think that Vladimir Putin is like Sauron and Don "the Con" Trump is like Saruman, (from The Lord of the Rings) and they both rely on those old schools of "magic" - propaganda, threats, and thugs. The Russian mob has never been more powerful in the USA. They are responsible for MOST of the heroin smuggled into this country right now, and because of Trump's big push against legal painkillers, the Russian mob is pulling in money hand over fist. And if you think that every purchase of heroin or illegal narcotics that some person with potential makes for their suffering grandparent or spouse is not being recorded and stored for later blackmail, then you are naive. That is part and parcel of the way they work. So Vladimir Putin is like Sauron, the Russian mob is like his army of Orcs, Goblins, and other Monsters, and Trump is like that patsy Saruman, who is destined to be caught and cast aside by this puppet-master when he's no longer useful. In fact, it would not surprise me at all if this meeting they have planned is to hand over the last of the USA's security secrets and then on the way back to the White House, Trump's vehicle or plane suffers a sudden mechanical failure and crashes, probably with an explosion. It would be pretty much par for the course with Putin. And it might influence our next election by giving the reactionary mobs a rallying cry. It's just Vlad's kind of move. I sincerely hope, however, that no such thing happens. I would MUCH rather see Trump go on trial along with all the other conspirators in his cabal and end up in prison for treason for the rest of his life. Or lawfully executed. Either way, I want to see our laws prove that the USA will NOT TOLERATE BEING BETRAYED and that WE ARE A NATION OF LAWS to which even our highest office is subject. Because Don "the Con" Trump (one of his Atlantic City nicknames) has definitely betrayed this nation, and has been doing so for the last 30 years. That sudden mechanical failure gambit is how Trump's Russian Mob buddies got rid of Stephen F. Hyde, Mark G. Etess, and Jonathan Benanav, when they were threatening Trump - who in the late 80s was trying to save his failing casinos by laundering money for the Russian mob through them - with exposure to try to make him stop. After all, money laundering is illegal, and if the government found out what Trump was doing the casinos would be closed down and everyone would lose their investments and their jobs. That is why the investors later kicked Donald Trump out of his position with the Trump Casinos organization. If he had remained in any position with the company, given that investigators were starting to poke around about possible money laundering, they could have lost their sizable investments AND been implicated in conspiracy for all the crimes he'd committed while head of the corporation. And the money laundering - at least - had probably been going on since just after Trump's trip to Russia in 1987, when he met Putin for the first time. Putin was a KGB Agent stationed in the "gateway to Russia" in East Germany at the time, and posing as a Translator for Foreign Businessmen. Is there any chance Putin would not have swooped in on the infamous Donald Trump, and attempted to turn him into an Asset for the KGB? And we all know how easily Trump succumbs to flattery and gifts. It was a match made in... well, I'm going to say metaphorically made by whoever cackles in the depths of Hell when a demonic pact is signed. I think that image says it all.

  • Daylatephoto

    Since water is a valuable resource, instead of draining the swamp, we should use that old red neck fishing technique involving underwater dynamite.

  • Elijah cesspoole

    Seth, you best watch who is behind you.

  • Deirdre Oliver

    Maybe For are beginning to see the writing on the wall

  • Dak Lamerbusch

    Hahaha it's funny because Donny has NEVER told his sons he loves them!

  • Debra Shea

    Trump is a chump...I really miss President Obama...and even George W. Bush...lol

  • Tony Mstol

    Lobbyist what about Israel lobbyist who destroyed the United States military and bankrupt the whole country mister America first

  • Blackup Girl

    Ha ha ha haha... classy, so classy. Such nobility. so tasteful.

  • Oplis Sloan

    Michael Cohen......uuunnnnn....another trump beauty!!!!

  • Pam Timmins

    This is a nightmare, when did it all go wrong when Trump was elected that is when it all went wrong. They are all such deplorable people. Nothing but a bunch of lies and coverups. If a sitting President commits treason or conspiracy or both then can that person be removed from office or are they allowed to stay to cause more chaos and unrest? God help us. You make me laugh Seth in the face of all this chaos thank you.

  • Dolby109

    And were gonna go to Oklahoma! Beaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

  • Robert Melvin

    On a positive note; Trump and his staff will die eventually.

  • MatchstalkMan

    Cohentril : Warning, side effects may include incarceration.

  • Lorna Nunez

    why ask him. why not ask the creatur that say it? it no longer speak?

  • Hecter Natchos

    drain the swamp and recover lost golph balls

  • Juan Rivera

    Cohen got paid by UKRAINE how many of these JACKASSES paid him to get access to Trump !!! Isn't that what Trump called PAY FOR PLAY !!! LETS SEE HOW HE LIKES TO PAY BECAUSE HE PLAYED !! IF YOU CAN'T DO THE TIME DON'T DO THE CRIME !

  • drAgon Zizzy

    the trump swamp line was actually good, i liked it

  • 1952mclean

    Drain the Swamp??? The audacity of this WH!

  • RtrdedN00B

    I never realized that saccone sounds and talks like Morty now i can't take him serious ever again.

  • help me

    Turns out "whatever" means warehouses, cages, human traffickers, and fucking LOST

  • Alex Sack

    SO TrUmpY! https://youtu.be/MNWvYuBbZqI

  • Sam Downer

    Look at the pig headed inbred behind Trump and the retarded woman shaking her head. Thius are America's inbred dregs. Cue the dueling banjos

  • pieter de koning

    Rate region pant suspend clock approach color reservation destroy criteria administration

  • pergamonrecordings

    Trump only swamps the drain ...

  • Patrick A

    Funniest thing about the the revalation Cohen was paid by Novartis, is that after 1 meeting, they realised he was of no use... But being under contract, they proceeded to honor the (circa) $1m they were contractually obliged to pay, yet never engaged with Cohen ever again... you have to be worse than bad when someone would rather leave you with a large amount of money than listen to another word you say. lol

  • Matty Nelson

    Hello everyone, I have started a new accessories store via the web, it would mean a lot if you would like the Instagram page @stoneandgrandeur and make sure to subscribe for 10% off your first purchase

  • Jackie Roberts

    Sessions private SSTroops, ICE are stealing children from their refugee mothers at the border. Are they vampires or pedophyles or obscenely rich, bored Arab Prince`s feeding children to bears for fun and profit

  • Lisa Lisa

    Foster care or whatever I can't convey with the deepest of my being how much I want to kick this man in his balls how f**** inhuman can you be

  • Spaz Matic

    Sounds like everyone else is benefiting but not me.

  • jjonestowne

    "the ghost of Col. Klink", that's great. spot-on.

  • Fabian de Pooter

    Who else hears “payed foreplay”?

  • Rita Marie Kelley

    WE have two extremely corrupt parties, a corrupt duopoly.  We'd have a chance if we were bold enough to vote for the GREEN NEW DEAL!

  • // osivot

    "...foster care or whatever" code-name missing and exploited children. Exploited by Americans. US citizens will potentially be the rapists and murders of immigrants, oh the irony.

  • CaliDude

    Evil Trump is Pathetic!

  • Michael Quarry

    Fake oxymoron news. Ignorant Trump is a snowflake sorry Jackass.

  • xXMishachanXx

    Honestly I live in a swamp and it's not that bad. The worse part is the politics

  • Spaz Matic

    What are you sending me? Hmmm?

  • Ring Dave

    Pay to play, corruption, Is he Catholic?

  • Lisa Lisa

    Pay for play is only legal in Vegas, Spanky!

  • camycamo4

    A half billion bribe and trump instructs US to help a Chinese company that stole from us, spied on us, and defied sanctions on Iran and North Korea. MAGA hat idiots ask yourselves what would you think if Obama or Hilary had done that. Get your heads out your buts and pick America over blind trump cultism. He’s degrading our country.

  • Nick Hudson

    But he didn't drain the swamp he didn't make any changes to Congress the Senate or the house

  • Andrea Brozek

    Gonna read these comments, can't even imagine anyone trying to defend Mr Tangerine man' or his staff here, though.

  • 8alot4t

    The first true thing I ever heard this fool say - five investigations set up by HIM because his Schizoid paranoia about Hillary now almost matches his 'Obama, the illegal alien' delusion.

  • waen909

    Not pay for foreplay?

  • mary poppins

    Trump called saccone a bad candidate after he lost, and saccone lost again this month In the primary for the newly redrawn congressional district. Two time loser blessed by his association with trump. : )

  • kim gonzales

    And that speaks volumes of the people who support him. How can he talk about draining the swamp when you are apart of the death of our democracy--paying prostitutes to be quite is okay they say, being an unfaithful husband is okay, being a liar is okay, saying whatever the hell you want is okay--2020 is when the swamp will really be drained...He is a FAKE president-pretending to do good. Pay for play-now China is paying him to play--but that's okay too! HYPOCRITES!!!!!!

  • headlyl

    OMG!!!! How DARE he!!!!!

  • chris sto

    Anybody ever notice that they never show any of the "rally" crowds except for the people sitting directly behind him? Starting to think they are the only ones there.

  • Cliff Block

    Propaganda television at its best. Eat Your Heart Out North Korea

  • GoddessHadeev Likwidluv

    Starting at the 8:00 mark, John Kelly starts mansplaining about children who are being separated from their parents, like it's a good thing. These immigrant children will be put in foster care "or whatever". Some infants as young as a month old, have been taken away from their mothers. This link talks about a 16 year old, who was beaten by the people in charge of taking care of him at the "whatever" place, wherever it is. http://huffp.st/89yoeGT

  • edvard brown

    Trump said that he 'could do anything he wants', because he is a star. He said that 'he can shoot someone on Fifth Ave'. He said that he exploited 'the broken system, by 'donating to politicians, and asking for them favors. He said that he 'knew the system better than anyone'.

  • Ssalamanderr

    It turns out that "whatever" actually means shipping all these kids to literal concentration camps on military bases: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/trump-administration-preparing-to-shelter-migrant-children-on-military-bases/2018/05/15/f8103356-584e-11e8-b656-a5f8c2a9295d_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.d30c460bc81b

  • Mister X

    More evidence for Mueller. Trump is going to prison.

  • Lisa Lisa

    Cohentril... It's side effect is Robert Mueller...ROFLMAO

  • latoya m

    Pay for play someone just told him what that means. SAD

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